Guinness Pouring Spoon

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Engraved Pouring Spoon

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Product Description

The Guinness® Engraved Pouring Spoon is stainless steal, 4.5"L with the Guinness® name engraved on the arm of the spoon.   

  • GUINNESS® Engraved on the front of the spoon
  • Stainless Steal Guinness spoon
  • Length: 4.5"

The GUINNESS® Pouring Spoon is mainly used to prepare the following drinks:

- Black and Tan (Guinness® and Pale Ale)

- Half and Half (Guinness® and Lager)

- Black Velvet (Guinness® and Champagne)

Pour the Guinness® onto the back of the Guinness® Spoon so that it ''fans'' out over the 2nd drink creating a dividing line between both drinks. 

Product Code: GNS1006

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