Mulit-Purpose Phone Pouch

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Product Description

Go hands-free with our Guinness Multi-Purpose Phone Pouch. Ideal for holding your phone when on the go. With a clip for holding keys and I.D cards, this pouch is utilitarian but stylish.

The 17'' lanyard is adorned with the Guinness Logo and a pint graphic throughout.

  • Neck Strap With Pouch
  • Includes Clips For Holding Keys And ID Cards
  • Length: 17"

Guinness® Official Merchandise: This product celebrates an extraordinary brand, which for over two centuries has been held in great affection around the world. For many, Guinness® has come to symbolize a way of life, always with style, wit, and good humor. This product is intended for purchase and enjoyment by people of legal purchase age for alcoholic beverages.

Product Code: GNS2014

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