200 Years in America

Celebrating 200 years in America

We've been proudly sharing beer with America for 200 years and we're celebrating! In 1817 we shipped the first barrels of Guinness to America marking the beginning of America’s love affair with Guinness stout. Our designers have been inspired by 200 years of friendship and tradition to bring you a superb range of limited edition products. Here's to the next chapter of the Guinness in America story.

The Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

A special beer for a special occasion

In 1817, we shipped our first beer to America — 8 hogsheads of porter (approximately 432 gallons) were placed in the hold of a ship from Dublin to South Carolina. To celebrate our 200th year in America, we decided to brew a limited batch of a special beer using the black patent malt that was just becoming available in 1817, and inspired by entries from our brewing logs that year. The result is our 200th Anniversary Export Stout: a deep, dark export stout with a tan, frothy head and smooth, bottomless character.