How to Pour the Perfect Pint

The craftgoes as far back as 1759, when Arthur Guinness leased the Guinness Headquarters at St. Jame’s Gate in Dublin.

Today, Guinness is being enjoyed all over the world and many wonder exactly how to achieve the ‘perfect pour’.

The Perfect Pint of Guinness is all in the detail - from the glass itself to the precise timing required. This 6 step guide will explain exactly what it takes to pour the perfect pint of Guinness and to ensure every mouthful is enjoyed exactly as our master brewers intended.

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Step 1 - The Branded Glass

The first step is crucial as it involves the use of a Guinness branded glass, which you can purchase here. This has a big impact on the following 5 steps and is neccessary for the Perfect Pour.

Step 2 - The Angle of The Pour

Place the Guinness branded glass at a 45 degree angle and begin pouring the Guinness draught by puling the tap forwards. Ensure the flow of Guinness is aimed towards the inside of the glass where the harp logo is.

Step 3 - Fill to the Harp

Once the Guinness draught has reached the bottom of the harp, begin straightening the glass and pour until the Guinness is level with the top of the harp logo.

Step 4 - The Settle

This is where the real wait happens. Place the pint upright and let it settle. To achieve the Perfect Pour, this process takes precisely 119.53 seconds. This time frame will allow for the bubbles created during the pour to surge down the sides of the glass and rise up the center, where distinct laters will be noticeable.

Step 5 - The Top Up

To fill the pint glass to the top, push the tap away from you, which exerts less pressure on the delicate bubbles, lessening the force of the flow. This creates a perfectly creamy head.

Step 6 - Enjoy The Perfect Pint

You may purchase the Ultimate Guinness Perfect Pour Pack here, which includes all you need to pour the perfect pint.